Deer Antler Spray Benefits

You have probably heard about a supplement called deer antler spray. This is something that many professional athletes are reported to use, and has even made headlines when some claimed that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis used this to help recover faster from a torn triceps. Since Ray denied using this product, this led to a bit of controversy. Be that as it may, there has been a lot written about the huge potential benefits of deer antler spray. Let’s take a look.

Muscle Growth:

One of the first, and most exciting, benefits of deer antler spray is the ability to grow muscles faster. The main reason behind this might be the presence of a small amount of something known as IGF-1 (and IGF-2). This is also called insulin-like growth factor. It is actually quite similar to several other types of growth hormone. When used with a weight lifting or body building cycle or schedule of training, this supplement has helped many people to experience increases in their muscular size and strength levels.

Recover From Injuries Faster:

As noted above in the Ray Lewis case, this supplement has also been reported to help people recover faster. This can be recovering from an injury to simply being able to get back in the gym faster after an intense workout. Obviously, this can be a great benefit for athletes. There are numerous reports of faster healing of everything from inflammation to sprains and torn ligaments.

Speed Up Metabolism:

There are even a number of reports that this supplement is capable of helping people speed up their metabolism. This is a great benefit for athletes looking to cut fat at the same time they need to maintain (or even increase) their muscle mass. Most likely, these effects are due to the presence of IGF-1. It may have some type of effect on the brain that causes the release of additional hormones and other factors, leading the body to raise its internal temperature.